Who We Are
The London Paediatric Dysphagia CEN
The London Paediatric Dysphagia Clinical Excellence Network (PDCEN) has approximately 250 members all of whom are Speech and Language Therapists with clinical experience working with children with dysphagia and related feeding difficulties.

Our aim is to promote good practice in dysphagia assessment and intervention with children in both acute and community settings, based on clinical evidence.

We are affiliated with the Royal College of Speech and Language Therapy.

The CEN provides bi-annual meetings for our members to come together and listen to presentations on a wide range of subjects such as evidence-based assessment, aspiration and aversive feeding difficulties. The talks at the CEN meeting are usually structured around a specific theme. Speech and Language Therapists practicing in the area of dysphagia present at the CEN. We also invite other professionals from related fields to share their expertise, e.g. ENT doctors, nurses, dieticians and multi-disciplinary teams supporting children with feeding difficulties.

These meeting provide attendees with the opportunity to liaise with colleagues from different settings, to participate in structured discussions, and to share information themselves.

We welcome CEN members to speak at the meetings about their current clinical practice and/or any relevant research they are undertaking. Please contact the CEN committee via the contact page if you would like to present a case study, your current research or host a topic-based discussion at a CEN meeting.