Being on the CEN Committee

Membership of the Paediatric Dysphagia CEN Committee is highly worthwhile. It provides interesting opportunities such as contributing to the planning of CEN meetings and discussing the latest topics in dysphagia with other SLTs.

Committee members can then provide support in clarifying information around these for all CEN members: through supporting working parties and identifying and booking appropriate speakers for the meeting.

Committee members also have the opportunity to spend time with other dedicated professionals and to share information and develop problem-solving and team working skills.

Being a part of the CEN Committee is a great CPD opportunity and reflects well on the Personal Development Plan.

Here is a little information on the structure of the committee but if you would like any further information on a specific position within the team, please contact us.


This role requires you to facilitate the organisation, delivery and content of the CEN and future events and have and overview of other CEN committee members’ roles. It also requires you to be the main link person for the CEN and would suit someone who is keen to take the CEN forward and engage members in developing best practice, evidence base and CPD.

CEN Day Co-ordinator

The Study Day Co-ordinator role is primarily ensuring that the day runs smoothly. This involves booking the venue, catering for the day, and liaising with the AV staff for the venue. As the catering is one of the most commented on subjects on the feedback forms this role is of great importance!

Website Development

Website Development, formerly ‘Website Co-ordinator’. This role has been adapted following a recent review from the Committee. The new role would be ideal for someone creative, who can add new life to the website so it can provide even more accessible information and links for members. As this role is new, it can be developed further following discussion with the new committee members.


The role of the CEN Secretary is to oversee the administration relating to the CEN. This involves taking minutes of meetings, advertising the CEN in the Bulletin, and compiling data relating to CEN member feedback following a CEN event sharing these with committee and members (via the website) to help to tailor future events to the interests and needs of the members.


The Treasurer’s role is to ensure the financial sustainability of the PDCEN. They are responsible for the maintenance of proper financial records for the in-goings and out-goings in the running of the CEN. The Treasurer will need to complete a brief end of year report for the AGM.

Bursary Co-ordinator

This is a new suggested role as a trial, as the committee can use all the help they can get! The main role is to coordinate bursary applications by the CEN members, to attend CPD events, and discuss them with the bursary committee.